Starting a Real Estate Career

Entering the challenging yet rewarding world of real estate is not for the weak and faint-hearted. This career is designed for those who have an extraordinary ability to work like a boss and to think in advance in terms of marketing.

It is often said that; there are countless reasons behind failure and only a handful of reasons that account for success. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons I learned from Pierre during one of his talks for a business convention in Miami. 

A Brief Introduction about Pierre Vincent

Pierre Vincent is a successful businessman, motivational speaker, art collector, and marketing consultant among many others – all rolled into one. A “jack-of-all-trades” as they say because of his diverse interests, wide extent of knowledge, and versatility in the business field.

All these factors also make him a credible source of information for a wide variety of topics and career choices. For this reason, I especially like attending his talks. In the said event, he talked about starting a career in the field of real estate which is one of his major interests.

successful individuals habits
Successful individuals habits

What Does It Take to Succeed in Real Estate?

Based on estimation, 87% of individuals who enter the real estate business fail at some point and usually, this happens within the first five years. Some of the reasons are; due to the wrong attitude and wrong mindset, and lack of fundamentals.

According to Pierre, if you want to succeed in real estate, you should go beyond the ideas of becoming your own boss and being free from a 9-to-5 job. Instead, you should focus more on becoming productive and profitable compared to your previous job, developing habits that exemplify a true entrepreneur, and formulating a good planning system.

Getting Started

First things first, you should pass your licensing exam. Then, you have to select your most feasible or ideal brokerage; and establish a database but not to the extent of becoming “pushy” or forceful to friends, family, and acquaintances around your orbit or sphere of influence.

Once the referrals start to roll in, the next best step is to stay consistent. Most realtors who are just starting up fail at this point because they have the tendency to kick back once the referrals start coming in.

So if you want to get into the groove and become a successful realtor, you should keep in mind that consistency in marketing can spell the difference between failure and success. The reason is that marketing is a single aspect in every business that never sleeps.  

Establishing an Objective

Your goal in the real estate field is to be on top of your game; and that means being the most accessible, the most visible, and the most well-known realtor in your chosen market or territory.

For instance, whenever people conduct Miami properties search, your real estate business should make it among the top choices. Visibility is a key aspect that essentially makes SEO highly relevant in order to become more competitive in online marketing. 

Part of your objective should be to create marketing efforts for your real estate business that will ultimately find its way to your target market. For instance, you can start by creating a strong and catchy brand image and exert all means and efforts to make it marketable.

Strategize and Be Competent

“A successful realtor is one who knows how to train his brain on how to become more strategic based on what is going on in the market, and having the means and the capacity to offer something valuable to his leads regardless of where they came from.” These are some of the most important words of Pierre with regards to becoming successful in your endeavors as a realtor.

According to Pierre, there are many ways to strategize but only a few would work to your advantage. Thus, it is best to become aware of innovative resources that can make a phenomenal difference in promoting your business. 

Gaining Advantage through Search Engine Optimization

In this digital age, there’s no doubt that technology is the most influential aspect in almost any field. Technology also plays a major role in maintaining online visibility and relevance which is why a higher ranking in various search engines is increasingly becoming a major goal for all companies. 

To step up your game in the field of real estate, Pierre suggested getting the services of an SEO Miami company to boost online visibility and to generate more traffic to your company or business website. Creating new strategies will make more sense once you become relevant online.

Final Words in Conclusion

Pierre ended his discussion by summarizing his thoughts and ended up sharing four basic ideas that can help you come up with efficient strategies to level up your game. These are the following;

  1. Identify the latest pricing trends in buying and selling real estate in your market
  2. Offer something that no one else can
  3. Develop creative approaches and interesting ways to discuss the trends and figures to your prospects.
  4. Lay down on the table your best value proposition because this is what will define your future and odds in marketing.

All About Insurance Adjusters

We all know for a fact that one way to protect our properties or best interests for that matter, is to have them insured. It seems that having an insurance policy is the best way to gain peace of mind and to rest in the assurance that whatever happens, our property is duly protected.

And in any case that there is an unforeseen catastrophic event, we can conveniently recover our losses.

The Sad Reality of Insurance Providers

Pierre explains to us during one of our weekly discussions that having an insurance policy does not always guarantee a fairy tale ending. In a perfect world where everything is in our favor, we can expect only the best possible outcomes when claiming insurance coverage.

However, we don’t exist in such a world; and sometimes, we have to go at wit’s end to get what we deserve from our insurance provider.

What Studies Reveal about Insurance Claiming

 According to Pierre, based on a market analysis conducted in 2017, an average of nearly 1 in every 5 insurance claims is denied. Furthermore, according to an article published by Forbes in 2013, over 200 million claims are rejected every year for various reasons.

Such alarming figures prove that having an insurance policy does not always equate to absolute peace of mind. However, you can still get the best and the most out of it if you know your rights as an insurance policyholder.

Pierre had been in the field of real estate and property management in Miami long enough to know the ins and outs of the industry including how property insurance works. It is through his discussions that we became aware of the system and the process of claiming insurance coverage.

property adjuster insurance

Property Insurance Claim Denial

Pierre points out that most Miami residents usually sign up for property insurance for their own peace of mind in case of hurricane damage and flood. However, in the event that a devastating calamity hits the city and its surrounding areas, a massive number of insurance claims are expected.

In such cases, Insurance companies have their own way of conducting investigations to identify the extent to which a policyholder is entitled to coverage. This is where problems start to arise.

According to him, most property insurance claims in Miami are denied due to an element of neglect (identified by the insurance provider on the part of the property owner), or because the damages are not caused by the calamity or other unforeseen events, or simply because somebody else is responsible for the damage and incident.

These are usually based upon the investigation and assessment conducted by the representatives of the insurance provider. While this can be devastating on the part of the policyholder, it doesn’t signal the end of the process.

Knowing Your Rights as an Insurance Policy Holder

Regardless of the reason for denial, Pierre claims that a policyholder should become aware of his/her rights to fight for a fair settlement and reasonable coverage.

This includes hiring a Public Adjuster Miami residents can rely on for proper representation in order to protect the policy holder’s best interests and to negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the property owner.

A Public Adjuster seems to be the property owners’ best ally in any case that their insurance claims have been denied or they’ve been presented with an unfair and unreasonable insurance settlement.

The objective of Public Adjusters is to negotiate for maximum coverage and better settlement by way of interpreting the insurance policy from a position of strength.

Policyholders who don’t want to go through the stressful process of having to deal with their insurance provider on their own usually hire a Public Adjuster right from the start to represent them in filing for an insurance claim.

Hiring a Public Adjuster seems to offer the most convenient way to file and claim for maximum coverage and to avoid the risks of getting denied. The best part of the deal is that if a policyholder doesn’t recover, there is no need to pay for the services of a Public Adjuster.